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Coloplast Alterna Free Single Piece Transparent (Pack Of 10)..
Ex Tax:₹800
3M 1110 Ear Plugs CordedExtra SoftReusable EarbudsNoise CancellationSoundproof Earplug Use For UnderwaterMeditation, Study, Flight TravelSleeping  Sound Block Up To 29 Decibel (Pack of 10)..
Ex Tax:₹155
It is a multipurpose gel with excellent conductive properties specially formulated to provide clear and consistence ultrasound transmission throughout a broad range of frequencies. It is an ideal choice for all medical ultrasound procedures where gel is required...
Ex Tax:₹39
Suitable for both steam and ETO sterilization, Non Toxic,Certified medical grade paper, Specially designed for autoclaves Meets EN868-5 requirements for European standards of sterilizationNo shrinkage - retort grade CPP films used, All different sizes in pouches available..
Ex Tax:₹25
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