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Hospital Furniture

Size 1800mm*600mm*450mm A framework of rectangular m.s. tubes S.S. head & foot bows Mounted on PVC stumps..
Ex Tax:₹6,500
Size 400mm*400mm*800mm Made of CRC A sheet with one drawer & one box S.S. top 3 raised edges Front legs fitted with PVC stumps Back legs mounted on 50mm castors..
Ex Tax:₹7,800
Size 400mm*400mm*800mm Square /tubular pipe construction with PVC stumps Stainless steel top..
Ex Tax:₹3,900
Size 2100mm*900mm*500-800mm A framework of rectangular m.s. tubes Backrest,knee-rest,Trendelenburg Hi-low positions (hand remote system). ABS Moulded Head & Foot Bows Safety side railings. Mounted on 125mm Deluxe Castors Two with brakes..
Ex Tax:₹85,870
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